General rules of combatant interaction

Unvalid hits:

- pricks (except of spears);

- hits with a non-combat part of a weapon (hilt, shaft of spear or axe);

- wrestling;

- hits in unstricken areas (feet, hands, groin, neck and face).

Weapon using rules:

A fight continues until one hit, unless otherwise specified in match rules;

Hits in unstricken areas are not permitted.

Hand weapon:

Defeat area with hand weapons is full body, except of feet, hands, groin, neck and face. Defeat area for spears is full body except of a head area, feet, hands and groin.

The humanization of blade weapons and axes:

Humanization of a spear - a round platform which diameter is not less than 30 mm, with a softener over it. The spear point is securely/tightly fixed on the shaft.

Marshals can make the prevention decision if weapon is out of rules.

Throwing weapon:

Throwing  defeat area is T-shirt body, legs to knees, hands to elbows. A deliberate hit in a head leads to disqualification of the shooter and his continuation as an infantryman.

Humanization: javelins with a soft point which diameter is not less than 30 mm, arrows with soft arrowhead (gumpike or its equivalent).

Hits on lamellars are not valid.

Hit in a body - killed, in a limb - only a failure of the limb.

Compliance with the declared period:

Only those armor and weapons are allowed in combatant events which are conformed to festivals epoch.

Historicality control is carried out by the event organizers. Any armor and weapons that do not correspond to the announced epoch will not be allowed, if they are used bypass the requirements, the person who used them will be disqualified.