The Rusborg

The military-historical festival Rusborg is an event devoted to history of the early Middle Ages and organized for citizens and guests of the Lipetsk District. Military-historical clubs and societies as well as individual reenactors take part in the festival studying and reenacting material culture of the mentioned historical period. The festival of Rusborg has been international since not only Belorussian and Ukrainian clubs but also participants from further foreign countries attended the event.

The main feature of the festival is its time and territory localization that gives an opportunity to focus spectators and participants attention on the specific period of history as well as help them to get complex understanding of historical processes.

As far as the event is held in our forest steppe area, there were the following ethnic groups living in peace or war on the territory of the Lipetsk District in the IX-XI centuries: slavs, nomad tribes Khazars and Alans, Varangians (The armed force culture of Kievan Rus) and of course Vikings Scandinavians. These are the main but not all tribes presented at the festival.

To provide a festival of high quality, the Organizing Committee of the Rusborg has created a set of rules that are obligatory to follow.

Welcome to the Rusborg!